A complete beginner guide to content marketing

Grabbing your audience’s attention through words is one of the most creative and interesting ways of marketing and so content creation is kind of a big commitment towards brand marketing. Bloombiz Creatives is the best content marketing agency in Calicut with a creative team.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is an artistic process of creating content where the consumers get attached to a brand without even consuming it. This gives the audience complete brand awareness and customer engagement. This process includes methods like:-

    • Blogs:

Blogs are viral marketing strategies where daily or weekly content is published to address the customers about the brand credibility.

    • Social media:

Social media is the platform where many of them connect within seconds through Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. And so businesses tend to be more actively marketing on social media as it is easily accessible.

    • Podcasts:

Podcasting is audio digital marketing where we distribute the brand content to the audience including the whole idea or concept of the business.

    • Video:

Visual contents are a more effective marketing strategy where we share a video of the business in a way that consumers receive brand awareness.

    • Emails:

Sharing promotional or commercial content to a group of consumers through the mail. This can be in the form of business ads, new offers, brand updates, etc.

    • Paid ads:

Paid ads are online advertisements where the advertisers bid on the business. This includes Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Programmatic advertising, Google Ads, Google Display, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google, and Facebook remarketing.

    • Infographics:

This is a more visually attractive method of grabbing the audience’s attention using infographics. Infographics combine digital marketing and content marketing strategies into one.

How does content marketing help brands?

Strong contents create strong trust, trust creates a strong bond between the business and customers. This is where content marketers take their place. It’s not enough to share just the brand’s name but also the brand’s identity, uniqueness, and quality. Content marketers create marketing strategies to produce advanced informational content of the brand through online and bid online traffic.

    • Audience retention:

Audience retention is the time consumers have read or watched the content marketing. Creative intros can make the audience hooked into the video content or written content which will increase audience retention.

    • Raise brand awareness:

Brand awareness means familiarizing the brand, your service, and trust towards the consumers making them loyal and connected to the business. Contents can answer the audience’s questions and they get a chance to review and give feedback.

    • Higher SERP rankings:

Content marketing creates high online traffic and so as more users come into contact the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) gets a higher ranking which benefits the business.

    • Lead generations and increased conversions:

Content marketing generates leads and makes the audience connected with the brand even in the future. And also, contains the grand audience directly into the landing page which increases the conversions of the brand.



Content marketing & digital marketing:

Content writing and digital marketing both focus on the goal to increase traffic, qualify leads, generate sales, and ultimately grow your business. Content writing mainly focuses on written and content-based marketing strategies and it’s one of the roots of digital marketing.


Why Bloombiz Creatives?

Knowing the problems and needs of the customers and creating content as per their needs is where content writer proves their abilities. Bloombiz creatives have the best content writers who lead their work to promote your brand by connecting with the audience. And so far Blombiz Creatives is one of the leading content marketing agencies in Kerala.

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