De Peach

De Peach strives to be one of the leading women’s apparel lines aiming to provide supreme quality clothing at affordable prices. There is substantial growth in the field of clothing lines, especially for women. It is a hassle to find durable quality clothing at affordable prices. For De Peach, we aimed to bridge the gap between quality and price through social media marketing campaigns.

Social media marketing helps people to get easily acquainted with the latest trends and make them keep an eye on them. We created successful campaigns through social media creatives. And parallel to it we made use of influencers to create user-generated content to build credibility. Embracing a strong social media presence, we were able to build a strong positive impression of the brand.


Building a brand from the ground up, that resonates with the target audience is a hercules task. We make this easy for you. A brand is not just a logo or a name but is as necessary as capital for your business.

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